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Attorney Taylor WarnerWhen your marriage is having difficulties, all potential options are on the table. You need an experienced divorce attorney to help you evaluate what may be next. The Law Office of Taylor B. Warner, APLC has established a track record of handling separations and divorces with compassion and diligence.

Spouses may opt to go through every part of the legal process, except for getting the actual divorce. California law gives spouses the option of a legal separation without finalizing a divorce. You may still have disagreements over key issues, so legal separation is not without its own difficulties.

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How Legal Separation Works in California

Legal separation in California has practically all the hallmarks of a divorce. However, the two spouses remain legally married for reasons that may include the following:

  • One spouse may not meet the residency requirements for a divorce
  • The spouses want to remain legally married because they believe that it will benefit the children
  • Both spouses may not be 100% sure that they want to get a divorce
  • The spouses may not want to get divorced due to personal beliefs or religious reasons
  • One spouse may want to remain on other health insurance, which is not possible if they are getting divorced
  • The spouses want to retain other benefits of being legally married, such as more favorable tax treatment
  • The spouses will want one spouse to be able to inherit assets from the other when they pass

It is up to you to choose between divorce and legal separation in California. If both spouses meet the residency requirements, and one spouse wants a divorce, then they would be able to file for divorce. Legal separation is usually something that is a mutual agreement between the spouses, assuming that they both meet residency requirements for divorce.

Issues Involved in Legal Separation

Legal separation settles and severs many aspects of the spouses’ legal relationship, while still leaving them married. Along the way, the court, or the spouses themselves, could address the following issues:

The Process for a Legal Separation

Legal separation may have a more streamlined process than a divorce. First, you would not need to go through the six-month waiting period after the papers were served required in a divorce. However, many of the other aspects of the process are similar to a divorce. One spouse would still need to file a petition for legal separation with the court and serve it on the other party. The two spouses would still need to go through a discovery process, where they share financial information with the other spouse.

Legal separation is much like divorce in that the two spouses can negotiate an agreement amongst themselves. However, if they cannot reach an agreement, the judge may still decide the matter after a contested hearing. You may need to go through multiple rounds of proposals and counterproposals before you are able to reach a separation agreement. Just because you are still remaining legally married does not mean that the process would be less emotional and easier.

You should still hire an attorney for a legal separation the same that you would for a divorce. There are some aspects of a legal separation order that cannot be modified once they are entered, such as the division of property and debts. Other issues, such as child custody and spousal support, can only be changed when one spouse can show substantially changed circumstances.

How Our Lawyers Can Help You in a Legal Separation

An experienced legal separation attorney could do the following for you:

  • Point out legal considerations of separation and divorce to help you make the decision about which option is right for you
  • Advise you of your legal options and things that you should consider when negotiating an agreement or going to court
  • Negotiating with the other spouse’s attorney to keep you from having to deal directly with the matter
  • Answer your questions throughout the legal separation process
  • Go to court if necessary when there are issues that are still contested

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